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Basically, yes. I come out of hiding and fangirly denial in order to inform you all (whoever you are) that somewhere, out on the internetz, is someone with a lot of patience and a rather political sense of humor. You all knew this. Duh. But, perhaps you did not know how one with such a sense of humor could relate this to the recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight. (I'm using my fake-ass announcer voice right now, can you tell?) Well, ladies and gentlemen, you shall wonder no more! And all that was basically a very wordy introduction to this video -- right here!! At this link!! ..... Hello? Link? That's your cue? (Where'd I put the damn thing... Ah, here it is!) Ahem, introducing, YouTube linkage. I did in no way make this thing. I have not the software requireds.


Prewatching of the movei is not required for a few minutes (almost wrote win-ets) of amusement and one or two of thought.