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A Warning to Anyone Who Wants to Friend Me

Err, don't. I'm a horrible updater, I for some reason dislike responding to people's comments when they're on my page, I hang out at other comms and lurk at kinkmemes. I have this thing for anonyminity. Did I spell that right? I don't mean to be disappointing, but after seeing what happened with my Deviantart after I got bored of it - and people still fave my suff there - makes me feel pretty much like a let-down.

So, save it. Save the space on your f-list for people who will update, will post fanfics and fanart and will say happy things when not doing either of those. This journal is almost entirely for to gaining the backstage pass kind of a deal. Yes, that grammar made no sense, I know. Hey, the end button works in this little field. Sweet. Even Microsoft Word doesn't let ya do that.

tl;dr: There's no point in friending me. Say hi if you wish, but don't, like, expect anything of me. Because I don't invest myself in the Internetz beyond how it pleases me to do so. Postings of sad and often angry things will continue to occur sporadically to occasionally; this is a sad fact of life that as an American teenager, I have a penchant for existential angstings even when I am not hormonally imbalanced (read, PMSing).

PS: Oh, my god, if you all could see my cat right now. Srsly. Funniest stuff ever.