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The Television

It has completely broken. This is worth noting on the annals of the internet because our fucking TV is seriously about 8 years old. It's the olde-tymie box type - like our computer screen was before the computer fucking broke and we got a new one. I mean, the old one's sitting right at my left, unplugged in. Damn, I wish we could hook the old keyboard back up. This one, is so much fail. It sticks less than the Mac keyboards at school, but effing hell, man, that's the only part about it that's any better. And I hate Macs. So that's a real fucking insult, keyboard. Oh yeah. What now? Take it like a man!!

Hrrmm. So now, at some point, we'll replace our TV with  one that's flat, like this computer screen. Sweetness.

Oh, and the growling of the dish washer upstairs reminds me - the main motor drive shaft thingy in that appliance is also broken. So the repair man dude who came to fix it basically said - you can replace it now (it's 4/5 the cost of a new machine) or you can wait till it just totally fucking breaks and dies. Oh, and it's gonna get louder and louder until it decides to croak. Guess which option we picked? Yep, Number 2. So now it growls at us when ever it's on, basically. And my parents have decided tis better to run the fucking thing at night so we aren't annoyed by it during the day. Oh, yes, impeccable logic there.

Anyway, it seems like 2008-2009 was like, the year of stuff breaking, in our house, and in the larger world economy. Coincidence?? Even Rorschach might be inclined to believe so. I'm not that crazy. I'm not!