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Pretty Good News!

Today is Sunday, the first day back from a trip to Eastern Ohio my family just took. I have decided that I love Akron. It has a multitude of pretty buildings, the drivers aren't crazy, there's orchards you can buy totally organic-y, fresh fruit at within 10 miles of downtown, its zoo is pretty kick-ass, and those bitches down in Rubber City don't care what nobody thinks of em! Also, not nearly so dangerous to cross the street. Twas made of win.

And today, I get a call from my aunt who shall not be named, (damn if she ain't an opinionated bitch) sayin' my cousin wants to talk to meh. Now keep in mind, the last time I saw this cousin, she was... 19? College-age, if not attending, hanging of the arm of a very nice-looking dork-nerd-geek-whatever, (with glasses, I must add with pride. Glasses-kink. I blame 11-year-old Dan Radcliffe. I am absolutely fucking serious about that.) and they came, with her mum and dad, (the dad is very cool, speaks Japanese, and lets all his wife's opinionated bitchery just roll off his back. That's how come they're still married,) to our actual house. You must understand, no one ever comes to our actual house. Seriously. The last time a non-family member, non-UPS/Peapod delivery boy was in our house.... was uhhh... friends of mine. It was my doing, every last time for years, except when the neighbor lady showed up randomly on my birthday, to deliver some extra brownies she had made by accident. She actually had no clue it was my bday. Trufax.

So my cousin comes on and we hem and haw because neither of us are very social or talk a lot, but she does eventually say that she's engaged, to be married in 2010, Memorial Day weekend. I honestly forget which half of the year that is.... around the end of school, I believe. I sure as hell hope it's not around an AP test date because hell, baby, I will be skipping it. 

(tl;dr) I'm going to be a bridesmaid!! Holy fuck, I was all giddy! I've been to exactly two other weddings before in my life - one for my other cousin, on dad's side, when I was like 5, and one for my favorite Social Studies teacher just after 7th grade. So I'm super-psyched. And yes, that is how you spell it. It'll be in some Lutheran chuch on a hill, overlooking the Potomac River. I have no fucking clue where that is, but it's on the east coast and that's damn close enough to NYC for me. I'm living there, eventually. You know? Find me there. Someday.

So yeah, yay for that. Now we gotta save up more fuckin' money to make that trip. Fun. Love you lots. Later!~