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Gentle is a female trait

So during dinner, Dad told me to be a 'little gentler. Just in general,' in response to me smacking down the cap on the glass milk bottle. (Yes, we actually get that kind.) I told him he wouldn't appreciate my rationalization.

'Gentler' may make people feel better about themselves, but it tends to not get stuff done. I'm all about getting stuff done.

'Gentle' girls get raped. Well, so do tough girls, but they actually do something about it, as opposed to sitting around in whiny 'support groups' where half the people have worse problems than you do so you wonder why you're even there, and there's always one monopolizer of the conversation that just sucks everyone's benefit right down into their asshole, which they're talking out of. I've been in enough of these. I speak from experience.

'Gentlity' is a feminine trait. Dunno if you've been reading much of this blog, but I am by no means feminine.

Dad would not have appreciated this rationalization. Fragile or not, glass only breaks if you hit the goddamn fault lines. Some people are just fault lines, just points of sheerage. I am tougher than that. I grow scar tissue on my body, on purpose. The only goddamn thing I'm allowed to hit in this house are the bleedin' fruit flies and the goddamn milk bottles! What the shit does that say??