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Yes, to anyone who reads this, I have been bitten by the Dark Knight bug. However, it bit me a little late and I'll have to wait for it to get to the second-hand theater to see it at all, even tho it goes on DVD Dec. 9!! The world is so unfaiirr!!!

Okay, enough with the whining. You came to see the speedpainting, right? Of course you did. That's the only fgugcking reason you're here. That and the impeccable grammar. Moving on.... Let's see if I can embed this baby...

Hmmpf. Didn't work. Have a link.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGe75Vjmens&feature=related Now WATCH IT. THEN COME BACK.

Ass-raping awsome, yes? It gave me shivers to watch this! I bet we all wish we were that badass with the Photoshops. Yes we do.

Writer's Block: Forbidden Reading

From Judy Blume to V.C. Andrews, there's always a book circulating among teens that their parents don't want them to read. What favorite book did you have to hide from your parents?
It was never books with my parents, it was the stuff I wrote, and, like a bunch of other answers here, my mom was the stricter of the two. I could never get 'objectionable material' past their eyes, so it was always fanfiction. Loads and loads of fanfiction. Yes, I am a child of the millenium, why do you ask? X) I don't think I read an actual sex scene in a book till I was, what, almost 16? I'd read plenty well before then, too.  

It's someone's special daaaaayyy!!!

Aahh! I almost missed it! I woke up today and (after about an hour) I thought, "Hey, it's IDOLHAND's birthday! They said so, just about 3 days ago. Isn't that sad that I'm more likely to remember the birthdate of someone I've never met than my own mother's? Well, I just better do somethin' for em! S/He is quite awesome."

And because the virtual gifts cost actual non-virtual money, I could not gives you one. But I will wander around and try to find you to wish you a happy birthday (obviously, you wouldn't mention it if you didn't want anyone else to) BUT FIRST!!!!

I have to finish my homework. For Debate. Yes, it is that sad. BUT WAIT!! I will make it simple! And not demand perfection of myself for once! Well, yeah, maybe not that last one. My head's all screwed up because I just read this monstrosity: http://chancrescolex.livejournal.com/6239.html And now I'm going to send it to my ex-boyfriend, cuz he loves this shit. Seriously.

Happy Birthday, IDOL! One more year conquered! 
You are made of f'ing win!!
If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
They have no idea, but they deserve the credit. They have changed my world. I would not be the person I am today, without them. I have never seen their face. I do not know their name, or their gender. I could not pick their face, even their morphology (general body shape) out of a crowd, but I would know their voice, their words, their ideas, anywhere. Sigh. The world shakes beneath my feet when I talk to her (him?). He (She?) is one of the most foremost people on my mind, on the same level as some of the more modern philosophers, including General Iroh. (Sorry, been on an Avatar kick lately.) The world will change when s/he dies. And not in a good way. 

I'm sorry, IDOLHANDS doesn't deserve that kind of morbidity, I just can't help thinking like that. It's not actually that sad in my head. Just like, what if I died tomorrow? I asked myself that last night, and I reminded myself to play mah video games for at least a few hours (I have a Gameboy Advance, so is handheld) before going tah sleep. That way, I'd have done every fun thing I could have done, that day. I was thinking that a life was mostly just a whole bunch of days doing everything you can per day. Having the best last day of your life, every day. That would be an awesome way to live. I wonder how I'm gonna find out if (when) IDOLHANDS dies. Hopefully, that won't be till after I stop caring about him (her?) so much. So, at least the next five years, hmm? ;) Could you do that for me? Thanks in advance, theidolhands. And thanks in retrospect, for being so awesome, for talking to such a nobody like me, for sharing your innermost thoughts without restraint, and for not being afraid to dream of a day when all love is accepted, even the gay kind. ^_^
Would seem a little presumptious to make this a friends-only entry (as I thought of doing) when really, I want the opinion of whoever comes along!

I has a little dilemma (did I spell that wrong?) that involves my singing voice, teaching myself cello during lunch last year, a small, maligned childish character in the back of my head, Choir (which I shall be taking next year), and the fact that I "have no background in a stringed instrument." Really, my parents' opinons shouldn't give me such hang-ups, although they are important since they'll be paying for em and driving me there.  I have, I s'pose until next year to decide 'fo sho' but since I even had a dream about it last night (that I'm trying to forget) which almost never happens, I might as well discuss it at length with the grand total of 3 people that will read this entry over the next 5 years, partially because I'm not very interesting. Oy.

Well, few things you should know, you being whoever the hell cares about this because I know it's hard to when it's just some anonymous voice on an LJ. (Amazing you would have found this, really. Care to comment?) Anyway, enough with the self-plugs. I wrote a page's worth of a journal entry (IRL) last night cuz it was buggin' me so here you go.

I can sing. Decently, I mean. My dad, who's taken official lessons and shit, sang in his own high school chorus, was in practically every musical, got solos when he was a freshman, that sort of thing, and he thinks I sing quite well. So I actually believe him, not cuz I'm just daddy's little girl. (Which I kind of am, if only a smidgen.) I can sing, and I think I sound rather nice. The only other people I've sung in front of this year, (i was in chorus in middle school, but it was just the token humming sort of deal - I happen to think I'm a good deal better now) was 2nd period Spanish class. I'll remember them because of that, you know. I was singing the song, the Green Finch and Linnet Bird one that Joanna sings in Sweeney Todd, just sitting at my desk, cuz we were done for the day and I was bored, and someone (they can never tell it's me singing. That was rather funny) said "whoever's singing should just go up there and sing!" Since he said that about 3 times, then I just did. Oh, I was terribly nervous and the room was much bigger than the only I normally sing in (my bedroom) but it got across pretty well and even the senior dude who wants to rap for a living (he's a red haired white kid, also good in guitar) said that it was nice. I did it again another time, when there was a sub and she was all like 'please don't do this!' and I didn't fecking listen. I don't do that often. Nothing bad came of it if she wrote my name up for it, in any case. She was pretty uptight in any case. I remember us being more acceptably quiet than normal and she kept telling us to shush. There was no effing way that class would ever have been totally quiet but it was much better than normal and she was all breaking the rhythm with her snarking. 

I hate Republicans. Or, more specifically, I hate old white straight men Republicans. I've gotten constantly afraid this year (watch me veer off topic here. Eh, I gave you a cut, you can deal.)  that if I make too many fine moral distinctions which for me, mostly consist of lying to keep people happy (which I do sometimes - often, with mother), nipple and tongue piercings, corset piercings (which are also very weird, [google it] but I find them okay so long as they aren't done over gentials or on the throat, which I found a few examples of the first and one of the latter that simply disturbed me), other genital tattoos or piercings (naow, that shit would fucking hurt), most if not all drugs, cigarettes, (this is all shit I'm against, you see), and all this freaking sensationalism in the media. Yeah, there you go - there's some fine moral distinctions, eh? Plus, I'm for abortion and the death penalty, the mercy-euthanizing of elderly people, but against the euthanizing of pets simply because shelters run out of room. Plus, I'm for higher gas prices so that people will make better cars and bike more. And I'm for the eradication of the Electoral college and making healthcare universal, with both public and private practices by the same doctors, to keep them rich so's they do a good job in both spheres. And I'd be very hesitant to start wars; I'd rather negotiate before the damn explosives go off, and I'd heavily fund the UN's peacekeeping forces and a global nuclear disarmament program instead of the Army. They and their all-terrain, heat-proof, water-proof, explosives-proof computers (they actually make these things - no wonder an army is so expensive these days!) will just have to suffer.

You think the president runs the media? The sensationalists run the media - the kiddie-killers and the negligent parents and the pedophile-murderers and the sucidal middle class (stereotype) and the mad Iranian president and the IED-making jihadists and the world champion of hide-and-seek, Osama bin Laden. These people and their antics run the show - they attract the camera crews and the helicopters and the viewing demographics and the president's worry. These people are just living their lives - killing and/or maiming others - unlike a lot of politicians, they don't beg for screen time. It's just given to them - by the crazy-ass media giants who think that death and destruction is the only thing that sells. 

Now, am I going to go back to the cello vs singing debate? Yeah, sure, why not? I can sing, and I'm good at it, as opposed to the cello, which I cannot play any notes on besides open strings, really, and singing is more cheap (don't have to buy a freaking cello, yah?) and more accessible (you already cart around your own voice) and will probably help more because I already sort of know what I'm doing and I can sing wherever the hell I am, as opposed to cello-playing. And I will probably need them (voice lessons) next year anyway beause I'm going to be in choir, with lots of other people who will probably be just as good or better than me that I will want to emulate. I know that I already do that - I take things (quirks) from people, like Josh's 'WIN!!' which he got from 4chan, that site of infamy, and Michael Jackson's little 'vocal hiccups', as one site called it, and his moonwalk, and all sorts of his other little hand move thingies, and some of the skating people, like the Hawaiian shirt ice-skater dude who looks like a chick, who comes in on Tuesdays, and little Danny, JB skater dude, and sometimes my dad'll teach me things. Not so often, though. I skate for a different reason than he.

Anyway, I love the cello too. I can't play it very well, as I said (maybe I deleted it - this is getting pretty effing long), and it was just a fad spured by the August Rush movie, but it is so divine and addicting to hold a bow and make this little (well, okay, it's big) instrument just sing under your fingers. Make it vibrate and shudder the air and give itself up to the heavens. To fill the room with the sound of this instrument you're holding. A cello has been manufactured to have that potential, that magic than anyone with quick fingers and patience can unlock. I am honestly not so confident that my voice can be unlocked like that, could ever sound as good as, not another person's, exactly, (I'm not comparing myself like that) but that I could ever make it sound as good as an insturment. One's voice is a great deal more personal than a well-glued conglomeration of wood and metal strings. Even if there is that feeling you get after playing an instrument long enough - I'm almost certain other people get this - that feeling of identification with the sound of your instrument on the radio (usually only on the classical music station) -  that head-turning second thought, like you'd get if you heard your friend being interviewed or something - that second of sort of, "hey, I know that voice!" but it feels even different from a friend's because it's your sound, the one you make and the one that sings out what you feel and it's just... different. It'd be like if some stranger came up to you and managed to talk back to you in your actual voice - clearer than any tinny phone-message machine - like an actual voice that belongs to you, except it's more common for other people to play your exact instrument than to have your exact voice. It's just such a powerful expression tool and it's difficult to describe in words. I tried to, last night, to dad, but I never actually said anything because thoughts like this came up from my head and then (sometimes people think in vague ideas first then English sentences) I thought very clearly - There's no way to describe in words how I feel with my fingers wrapped around a cello. (I'm sure some of the more knowledgable LJers could take out that last word and substitute something much more naughty - Thankfully, I have not yet experienced that myself.) Plus, it's just so personal - it's like talking with your fingers - like typing, or like an artist with a brush, a pencil. I don't want to have to explain that feeling to anyone who asks. 

So! Debate readers/helpers! (all 2 of you) I'm done now! With the debate, that is. Now I'ma talk about myself some, okay? Read on if you wish, but it has nothing to do with cellos, I can assure you. Also, KIDDIES BEWARE!! Just because I'm your age and I wrote this shit doesn't mean that it won't freak you out! In fact, it probably will. Unless you've read dark shota porn. If you have, you're quite welcome. I suggest you leave this entire effing journal if you've no clue what shota porn is.

Yeah, so that's my disclaimer. Under the cut, M-rated stuff is to be found.

So, there you are! Cellos make sounds that I find far more magical, but voice lessons will likely help me more, be more practical, be useful for Choir next year, and I'll still be able to sing after I get arthritis in my hands from typing so damn much. Peace out!

Captions! Begging for captions!

Do you like Lolcats? Do you like PunditKitchen? Do you simply like riffing on almost everything you can find, MST3K style? Here's your chance to shine! 

Warning, it's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-related (possibly) and features Tim Burton, Freddie Highmore, and Johnny Depp! If these handsome men are too much for you, stay away!

Just so's ya know, any outrageously mean comments, those out of the spirit of things, or NC-17 jokes shall be spammed... once I figure out how. 
 Why do I feel like I have nothing to say? It is somewhat a good thing that this journal's so secluded. I'll probably not join any communities till I at least know how to -- hey, maybe this button does something!

Hello, LJ!

All right, first thing y'all need to know about me is that I'm a lurker. I don't know how this place works very well yet, so unless someone tells me how the damn comments work, you're not getting any!  I will gladly be someone's beta, IF I know the fandom for which they are writing, if only passingly. I shall make a list of those for mah profile page.  Also, I am obsessive about grammar. And sentence structure, amoung other things. Capitalization, all that shiz. And while I may be peppy at times, I do intend to keep the journal dark like this. Dark colors help me think. And lord knows I do enough thinking. Well, maybe I don't... Oh well! Off to join that comm!