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iceburg_of_calm's Journal

Nothing interesting has happened thus far.

That can be my 6-word memior for the day. It's 10 at night. I just made this thing. Congratulations to anyone who finds this place overnight. Watch me. No, I mean it. This is about to get very interesting. I'll be back tomorrow at about 1pm, after I've woken up (and taken summer school.) Peace and love, y'all, and no sexual soliciting. I'm too old for that shit. Prostitution was never my thing, anyway. (That can be my 6-word memoir after I become a famous suffagist.) Did I spell that right? I don't know, it's ten at night. See, I was born in the wrong decade, along with about half my friends. The only good things about this era are the Internet, the porn, and the E-85 SUVs. I am totally open to discussing politics with anyone, after they've accepted the fact that, on the internet, I have the option to just walk away. And I will not debate with fundamentalist Christians. Or fundamentalist anyone's. Sorry, I'm just not doin' it.

But hey, anyone wanting to bash Bush, come right on over. Or, even better, bash Facebook. Who needs that mainstream shizzle? I may occassionally speak ghetto, even though I'm whiter than a hot-dog bun. It's mostly to disguise swears. Gotta keep this place safe for the kiddies and the grannies. That's the Comstock law. Oh, yeah, anyone wanting to talk censorship, we can has a screaming party. I hate the stuff. And I accept Beta positions. As long as you're good. Well, sensible, at least. I can make sense out of almost anything, but I can't guarantee it'll still be your story when I'm done with it. ((wink)) Oh, and I have this disorder... We'll talk about it tomorrow. My parents don't even know yet. Not really. Ooo, interesting, a secret, yes? Can you keep a secret? Don't worry, our firm holds a very exclusive mutal containment policy. Yes, but.. can you keep.. a secret?