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So I've been researching colleges to go to and Brown has this dual-degree program with Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and I was browsing through the section on Glass, which is about the only thing I'd consider taking classes in, and there were some student videos. One of them was of a dual-degree-program, member, person and he is sexy as hell. He may be like six freakin' years older than me but I do not care. He is the epitome of my definition of sexy. So, Andrew Bearnot, if you're reading this, do not dispair. There are people out there that think your brand of sexy should be illegal because it is so potent. And they will not stalk you. For now.

All right, this embedding thing better work. Do tell me if it doesn't. I'll look like a dork.

(3 attempts later)

Damn. It is not working. All right, go here, http://www.risd.edu/undergraduate/glass/default.aspx and on the right bar, there's a little yellow link saying 'view videos.' Click eet (duh). Scroll down to a dude named Andrew Bearnot. (His little icon has him chewing on the end of his glasses. Guhh, so much sexy!) Gasping and appropriate flailing are required as you attempt not to melt into a puddle of sexy while you watch. Now, go do it.

DO EEET. It will make you smile.