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So I'm in the middle of writing that promised explication on why I got into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory slash involving Charlie and Wonka... Yeah, long story. Like I said, it's a work in progress. But I have a question I'd like to ask the internet. Purely an opinion-based thing. Poll, essentially.

A kid growing up, wears a lot of clothes. Once the kid's 12, she/he can't wear that really old-ass baby jumpsuit. For the sake of argument, the parents'll be fine with whatever the kid decides. Should the kid get rid of hir old clothes? She ain't gonna wear em. I suppose the only arguement in favor of keeping em would be the nostalgia factor.

IRL, my chemistry teacher said something pretty relevant the other day about scrapbooking or couples taking videos at their weddings. He said that he doesn't have time to ruminate on how awesome things once were - he has a one-year-old kid /and/ a 2-month-old kid. He's gonna have his hands full for the next 20-ish years! And after that, when he retires, he said he hopes to spend his later years traveling, always on the lookout for new and interesting ideas and places and people. My chemistry teacher is basically exactly like Adam Savage, if Adam was more into soccer and mountain-climbing than recreating movie props. Their two approaches to life are almost identical. My personality is much different than my Chem teacher's or Adam's, but I really do like the sentiment. Onward and upward sort of deal.

We only get 300,000 sunsets (check my math - roughly 82 years), and I don't want to waste my life looking back. I do want to always keep moving on, and seeking new and better things, and I want space free on my harddrive, as in my closet and on my bookcase, for items/pictures/songs/etc, that reflect what i like and who I am now. Yes, that old shit is part of my identity - middle school may have sucked, but you ain't you without those bitch-ass painful years. And if middle school was the absolute golden years for you, dear reader, get the fuck out. You can only go downhill from the top. That's why I intend to keep climbing and that's why I travel light.

So I seem to have pretty much convinced myself that I should just fuckin' delete all the old shit I don't look at anymore, but what do you think, Internet?